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Wedding traditions of Mexico

Wedding Lasso

The wedding lasso is a beautifully decorated ribbon — during the wedding ceremony, it is thrown first on the neck of the groom, and then, in the form of an eight, the infinity sign, on the shoulders of the bride. Young people during the wedding ceremony pronounce the oath of allegiance. Lasso in Mexico expresses the willingness of the bride and groom to always be together.

Money for a dance

There is a wedding tradition in Mexico — those who want to dance with the bride can do it for money. The bride always has a special bag with her for this. Sometimes bills are pinned to the dress, put in the bride’s apron. The amount is going to be large, everything goes to the arrangement of the family home and the honeymoon.

Dress code

A bride at a Mexican wedding wears a blue petticoat under her dress. The ties and camber belts of the groom’s friends match in color with the bridesmaids’ outfits. A couple of kids with ring pads should be miniature copies of the newlyweds.


The bride and groom blindfolded beat with a bat on a suspended pinata — a papier-mache toy filled with sweets. It is necessary to break the pinata without seeing it at all. As a rule, such a tradition brings a lot of excitement and emotions.

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